antihistamine fun

live flight tracker

1 million win -> mac convertors in ’05

we’ve forgotten how to talk

mit’s maurader’s map (via boing boing) which reminds me it’s coming

bio paper? neat.

10 (d’uh) principles of good info management .. yeah, it’s kinda a “d’uh” moment when you read them, but why is it still so hard to get right?

and last but not least (mostly b/c I had to go through my history for last week to find it, silly me for not bookmarking it) filofax + gtd = philophaxy
because i feel like crap (see below)

That’s what I like about the Filofax: It’s not religious, it’s not dogmatic. It’s spirituality divorced from ritual. Filofax doesn’t tell you how to chant your mantras or perform self-acupuncture. It is just pieces of paper in a nice binder, configurable in whatever crazy-ass way you want. My Filofax didn’t even come with suggestions on how to put it together. It had a set of cryptically named tags, various kinds of forms and paper, and a binder. And the package said to me: “Take me, pillage me, do with me what you will.” Filofax is spiritual, not religious. Filofax, for all its Euro-coolness, is hippie at heart. “Hey man, I’m here for you. Rearrange me. Fold me. Cut me into useful pieces. Put crap into my slots. It’s all copacetic, man.”

how absolutely true and wonderful (please see the full post here)

yes i have bad allergies. arg! i’m more of a space case than normal. :) yay whieee!