really random stuff (a round up of october links)

I may have posted some of these things elsewhere, some of these may be old and talked about ages ago, but I will have a nice montage of links for my amusement only. It’s been a long month and while I never have anything to say, I’ll say it anyway. and if you don’t like this format? Deal.

  • buddy bear phone: I guess I am feeling old.. (shutup I know my age) and that it’s weird to me that it’s not a big deal for “kids” (anyone under 21 imho) to be waltzing around with hundred(s) of dollars of electonics (heck, of anything) every single day. hmm. I know *I* don’t like walking around with that much stuff. I know I’ll break or loose it much too soon..
  • Cow Politics [NYT Editorial]: an interesting read after my Ayn Rand circuit
  • How we remember .. and forget
  • more legos wow.
  • Mamograms are a key: as I’ve said elsewhere (and sadly neglected to post here:
    OCTOBER: is breast cancer awareness month. GO CONTRIBUTE ANYWHERE
  • a map of Human Genetic Variation .. wow. May it find cures.
  • The Noguchi filing system: interesting. not sure I like it but, interesting.
  • Preemie Awareness Day is November 15th. What will you do? What am I doing? Not as much as I wish I could, but crocheting, contributing, and recognising with joy the advances of medicine and the sadness that premature births have risen since I was born.
  • Transit Transfusion [NYT Editorial]
  • what’s a doctor to do? But then, finally … I couldn’t do it [dr ask her to remove wig]. The wig stayed on, forever unexplained (and her condition forever undiagnosed). (bites tongue to stop from screaming at both doctor and patient). No, I don’t know the full story so who am I to comment?
  • wisiwig editors leave muck behind when you change ’em to html. here’s how to clean up word’s mess (requires open office and a Microsoft (!!) html filter (for office 2K))
  • yahoo has been busy

Ok. I think that’s enough for now. I have much much more, but given spoon theory and the fun I’ve had today … I should get to bed.