(recently read) contents of my book bag…

I haven’t read as much as I thought, since I’m not including all those I’m currently reading.. or the ones I returned not liking them enough to finish.

  • Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. I really really enjoyed it and now have Anthem and Atlas Shrugged on my to-read pile.
  • Christopher Paolini’s Eragon. I’m still a sucker for friendly dragons, magic, and elves. I’m looking forward to Eldest one of these days.
  • re-read Orson Scott Card’s Xenocide and Children of the Mind .. twilla lent me Ender’s Shadow I’ll get to it and return it soon, promise!
  • Rand Miller, Robyn Miller, David Wingrove’s The Myst Reader I went into the library with the sole purpose of finding the thickest book I could find. This caught my eye. :) I enjoyed it. I never played Myst, but well, if something like this book had come to my attention years ago, I might have.

Yes those are amazon referral links. if you don’t like it, don’t click.