its been ages

since I’ve posted here. I was going to wait until next month to reappear, explain, and start again.

Shanna tovah, I hope everyone is surviving this yontif season. I’ve wished greetings and wishes elsewhere, if you feel forgotten, know that you weren’t.. I don’t have the energy to continue posting like I was (despite other blogging seemingly to the contrary) and want to post a different sort of entry than I was. I’ve been blogging on other places. I’m sure you could find it if you wanted to. I’m not good at being anonymous. I need to decide if I want to just incorporate those posts back here or what I want to do. I’m struggling with comments and the entire concept of blogging as well.

I recognize that many of you don’t know about where I’m hiding and I wanted to share a great resource with you.

That resource is the google map pedometer .. :D I’ve been saying to E for a while that I wished it existed. I just needed to look! I wish this existed years ago. It was a bit buggy in firefox but this is a great resource. Thank you google!

(via lifehack : essential resources for google maps)