motzei shabbos roundup

will i ever catch up with my rss feeds? unlikely, but here’s what I have uncovered in the meantime..

unicef smurfs and war (via uberimma, thanks!)

other strangeness strange new products very strange (via new york times)

cure for my insomnia? life hack discusses a 90 min sleep cycle .. guess what I’m going to try tonight?

can you read it now? tips for better handwriting (via lifehacker) [now if someone can teach me to always use the shift key, you all would be set ;) ]

the tao of thoreau “he who owns little is little owned” .. (which links to buy nothing info) (thanks lifehacker

你讲中文吗? apparently schools are adding mandarin to their language offerings .. hmm. i’m still annoyed that my high school added asl only a few years after i left. and i counted myself lucky to take latin and ap french. *sigh*

free! best free web applications i can vouch for a bunch of these. and gmail are amazing and help me as i rarely stay at one spot for very long (despite having a laptop!) (via life hacker)

now my husband and fil are off etrog shopping. the first time in many years without me. not sure why i didn’t want to go, but i didn’t. should be interesting with the lulav shortage and all.