more on ny to bos jet blue sending 10 daily flights between the two cities.

Initially, fares on the new service will be as low as $25 one-way for tickets purchased before Oct. 20. After that, one-way tickets will range from $40 to $120, the airline said. That is slightly lower than the average fare charged by the airlines that now offer service between Boston and New York. According to Back Aviation Solutions, the average one-way ticket is about $135.

help save the paper nyt asking for an iPod effect .. rightly so. and following up on that is a /. article on none other than epaper … depending on cost, reusability, and what’s they do this could be the iPod moment. I would love an ePaper moleskine. ;)

blue marble /. links to next gen bluemarble images Wow.

tempting very tempting but I highly doubt I’d actually play it. I don’t commute very far anymore.

doraemon fun! a watch whipee! a data watch with a blue led.

43 folders a better to-do list (part I) and (part II). Also: writing sensible emails .. I need help with writing in general .. *sigh*.

along the gtd track a review of e b white’s ‘memorandum .. now to find the actual memorandum!

web courses of course webct and blackboard just merged but katrina aftermath a boon to for-profit distance learning?

wires wires go away and don’t come back i want to play ? (groan, sorry despite this next one)

news flash – sugar is bad 146 reason why sugar is ruining my health oh and i haven’t been to the dentist in a really long time either. don’t think that helps.

research is there a way to side-step the human embryo debate ?

web design colorblender will i actually invest the time to update this template? (hah hahah hahah ha)

pocket change 10 things you shouldn’t buy new

ok ok.. enough! I’m procrastinating (as I do best) and I really should get back to cleaning up the mess that is my apartment and working on work.