more insomnia…

Shanna tova.

More insomnia. Big surprise right?


here’s a roundup of what I’ve found tonight..

no tears .. nyt article on work-place taboo … i *have* cried at the office. i felt horrid after and worried that i would be treated as a mere child, it wasn’t long after i had started there and i was quite green and inexperienced. luckily it worked out. i’m still not thrilled that i lost control, but honestly i think crying is a much better solution than loosing your temper and shouting words .. but Ms Majewski does have a great suggestion which I have since followed (and was slyly offered to me) .. “leave the office and take a walk” .. but I do think that one incident of crying helped everyone. I had been pushed too far, and that reflex helped. They state in the article that a temper tantrum is “more acceptable” .. I got into more trouble for flinging down a stack of paper and saying a non curse word than I have for crying. (it was in the privacy of my office and directed at no one in particular and still wasn’t very loud) but it did backfire. I’ve bitten my tongue and taken some long walks up and down the interior staircase to let of steam. It seems the men get away with temper tantrums but if the women try it? disaster.

music Beethoven’s “Grosse Fuge” was recently found in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. It is remarkable as it shows his thought process (through many editing notations) and is from the last months of his life when he was completely deaf. It will be on display at Sotheby’s in New York Nov. 16 to 19.

consulting oh dear the lawyers are joining our ranks (actually it makes perfect sense to me) .. this article discusses outsourcing .. but I have already given my assistance in helping a firm give counsel for technical matters for their clients, and I do think that the firm should play a larger role in it.

free aol looks to be a free portal

another blog i can even blame my husband for bringing this blog to my attention. purse blog which is interesting because i’ve mostly lost interest in having lots of bags (i still have problems calling them purses) … but i am looking for a smaller messenger-type back which will hold my larger moleskine, the smaller one, bberry, cell, wallet, and siddur. I’m eyeing these two (yakpak and manhattan portage option a and manhattan portage option b and gravis) Anyway.. this blog talks about freitag bags which use recycled airbags (once deployed can’t be folded back) and the canvas that is used on lorries.

airplane fares drop on the ny-bos route .. nyt article .. delta has cut fares to $40 each way .. American supposedly $25 .. perhaps I’ll be able to visit a friend soon and help her settle into her new abode.

i can’t comprehend the size of this hd tv to my wonderful husband: NO.

cheaper tablets supposedly tablet prices are dropping .. a mac tablet would just thrill me beyond words (newton anyone?) i would push these for some clients, but the price just doesn’t make sense yet.

geek gift review of polyglot travel guide the $699 MapQuest PND (Personal Navigation Device) looks awesome. And it still is cheaper than adding that option to our car 2 years ago would have been.

sock fun no need to mate ’em they all match in their own fun sort of way. brilliant!

penguin sighting? artist Pierre Huyghe will transform wollman rink into a background for a musical performance based on his journey experiences while tracking an albino penguin.

new clock weasley clock based on gps data and cell phones. nb: not for the privacy conscious….

non-gaming geek eric makes me feel better .. i didn’t spend hours and hours on games b/c i never had access to them. wait, that’s not actually right. i did own a nintendo and a game boy (and in college bought a colour one) .. but it was the cost of games that held me back. and the time necessary to devote to them. while i’d love to game on the subway, i find it helps my reading addiction ..

a gut yor hmm.. not sure how to spell it but I hope my meaning is clear. I hope that you were signed and sealed in a good book and had an easy fast (if you were) .. I had a hard time this past Yom Kippur, not such a bad fast, b”H; but kinda like ren reb .. missing that Feeling .. that connection, until Neillah’s Amidah … I’m happy I got some of it. It helped my feelings at the shofar blast, but again, it wasn’t totally what i wanted and I don’t have the kidlets yet .. we won’t discuss how i slept through yizkor until middle of mussaf’s amidah repitition .. and as everyone else is probably feeling, yay! tomorrow we get to cook and clean and have shabbos all over again. whipee!

(I’m avoiding my inbox. I’m scared. My husband had over 250 messages from work. … for ONE day .. only about 75 of them came directly to his inbox, but I can only shiver when I think what is awaiting me, can’t anyone make a decision on their own?).

reading I finished Eragon .. I think it was very well written and I enjoyed it greatly. If someone where to purchase the set (with Eldest I wouldn’t complain (but hope they can find a good deal). Now to find it in the library in the meantime.. I like to buy certain sets of books I can read when I’m blue or need something fun to take my mind off of the rest of my life. Card’s Ender’s Series and Harry Potter work, but it would be nice to have another set in the rotation.

Nuclear news Rocky Flats cleanup complete and Plant had flaw undetected for 19 years … I’m not sure what to think of this…

yellow pages nyt (!!) article on yellow pages & “jews” er, not quite sure what to say ..

I really want to go to sleep. It’s quite late. I guess I’ll try again to curl up and sleep a bit. This is absurd. I’m still not really tired.