rain rain go away..

My feet are freezing. at 7:30 this morning I stepped in a big puddle and have spent much of the day with wet feet. UG.

Loshon hara? Some investigators are saying that gossip should be included for study of group interaction. (Article originally published in the NYT). My favorite quote is thus: People devote anywhere from a fifth to two-thirds or more of their daily conversation to gossip, and men appear to be just as eager for the skinny as women. I feel obliged to give a Chofetz Chaim link. I’ll leave it at this for now.

Apple released a video iPod and updated their iMac. I do admit I think the built-in iSight is pretty nifty.

Graph paper love songs: Lisa has a beautiful lovesong for graph paper and why she loves her moleskine. Remember what I said about someone already writing what I want to first? *sigh*

Got Milk? Remember the Milk is an online to-do list manager with a slew of features including email or SMS reminders, sharing, email addition and delegation, due dates are english (i.e. “Tomorrow”), pretty printing, iCal/Atom support.. and your friend and mine, keyboard shortcuts. It looks nifty. (hat tip: lifehack)

Picassa I received an email that picassa has been updated. Unfortunately it’s not mac-friendly but thought I’d send along the public service announcement. New features apparently include: multi-language support, link to blogger, ability to print “perfect” CD covers, and improved image stuff (RAW file handling and camera import).

Bubble Map + stress .. I read about this first on Monday, basically the size of the bubble is also a time estimate. Now taguichi-san has proposed added stress into it. I think I should just start off with a black sheet of paper and know that I have to do everything now.

Katrina + Moleskine … Slimbolala in New Orleans posted to Moleskinerie describing how his sturdy moleskine survived the flooding in the aftermath of Katrina. (go donate)

Earth 911 Lifehacker pointed me to a nice article on recycling computer equipment which is fitting given the upcoming holiday season and some clients computers which have seen happier days (myself included in that).