Tuesday morning insomnia

Hahahah. Like I thought I could sleep…

Read: I recently read two of Jonathan Safran Foer‘s books, Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Extremely Close. I must interrupt to say that he has a very unique and wonderfully designed website. (Ok ok, he had me at hello, but a train theme? having the track-work ?! It’s just brilliant, pure genius.). His writing, without sounding trite, it’s brilliant. I will say that his books are not those that I can read on the subway, they need more respect and attention. They were both great shabbos reads. I also recently finished Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. Wow. Lots of stuff I’m still mulling over. I’m looking forward to reading Atlas Shrugged and Anthem soon. She had been quoted oodles (ok, featured) in a book I read a while ago, Sewer, Gas and Electric : The Public Works Trilogy by Matt Ruff, another great fun read. (hmm, googling that found this fun site :)

J-stuff: I’m so pleased for the great news for Persephone! such wonderful news. may it continue this year!, attempting to come back to terra firma: Karen Miller has a great article on Women and Shofar, please check out the comments.

Administrivia: I’m sorry that I needed to turn on word verification. I and everyone else have been having way too many issues with spam comments. I apologise for the inconvenience.. DEAL.

Music: NO LAUGHING! ren reb rocks to Something Yeshivish, I bounce around to metalish vol 2 and Believe by Suffy Rudman in support of Women everywhere by sharsheret.

OCTOBER: is breast cancer awareness month. GO CONTRIBUTE ANYWHERE

Ok, this is my “pretending to be anonymous” blog.. Hah hah. You can probably guess who I am.. Anyway, onward to other randomness. update : this has been added to my regular “real” blog. wonder if i’ll soon regret that migration.

Why is it so bad that I’m still awake? I introduce you to Spoon Theory no no, B”H I don’t have Lupus (go donate here). I have Fibromyalgia. Some days it’s worse than others. I’m exhausted but I cannot sleep. I’m not a big fan of medication. Stress Reduction and John Sarno, yes. (not that I do very well).

Finally, I think the warmth of my wonderful pbook, working only by the glow of my monitor and a nice cup of camomile tea has started to push me to the land of Nod…

I’ll leave you with something fun and retro (hat tip glitch) img2ascii convertor. It does colour too. :)

Pleasant dreams.

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