Tuesday morning coffee break

I wasn’t going to blog until tonight. There’s just too darn much stuff I want to comment on, and this is only the tip of the iceberg…

J & Baby stuff: Uberimma is coming up for a breather and I wonder if she’s reading my journals. Shanna brings up the phrase and blog B’sha’ah Tova and I had not thought about this before in this way (uhm, light bulb moment?) and how it means (poetically) in the proper time. What a glorious and meaningful brachah for a mommytobe. And that is just what anonymommy (of aformentioned blog) feels. Let’s help her get through the bumps in the road. (B’sha’ah tova for her and Persephone and every other mommytobe. I am a preemie.. I mean it when I ask for the child(s) to stay in as long as they need and come out when they need to, with all their parts as HaShem has decided.) {PLEASE go donate here, expect more soon as November is Prematurity Awareness Month)

Tech/Geek: I’m using Google Reader .. overall it’s good. I’m having some difficulty getting all of my feeds in, but I’ll get there. I like the “Blog this!” feature.

Write/Book/Read: (wow, I’m getting lazy quick!) I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year, but already have writer’s block and anxiety that it’s not worth it. I have the same problem with trying to go back for grad school. Everything has already been researched or written. My creative ideas for novels have already been done. What’s left? (though I still might try it). Pop-up books have a special place in my heart. In 6th grade we had to write a report, without words, that was 10 pages about earthworms. I made my own pop-up book. I need to figure out how to preserve it. Those where the days when I was still creative. Yay! My local library has a copy of Eragon waiting for me. It looks interesting and I’m game to try reading it. :)

Insomnia: we won’t talk about how late it was when my head finally hit my pillow last night [after 2:45a] but the biggest disadvantage was that I pulled out a cappuccino to make it through today, I’m at the office today and have a client and a slew of errands to run. ARG

Economist: ok, I’m a week behind, but the following stories struck my fancy.. Revelation without reflection, discussing Duff Cooper’s Diaries. (BTW you can get a free “day pass” for the Economist), a review of Liza Picard’s new book Victorian London: The Life of a City 1840–1870, perhaps I should look for her first 3 volumes. I like (and miss) London. Using artificial Tornadoes to generate power. Anorexia and bulimia may be autoimmune diseases like other “psychiatric” illnesses, this was just published by Serguei Fetissov at the Karolinska Institute in Stockhom in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Lastly, I can’t figure out how to show the image (read: lazy!), but on an article about Bad loans made good, there is a fascinating portrait of soda bottle shoes.

Computer: I’m a member of the IEEE and the Computer Society (among others). The October ’05 issue of Computer (aka vol. 38, no. 10) had a few articles that caught my eye. Julie Freeman’s art exhibit, The Lake (p 23). And a very fascinating article by Bharath Kumar Mohan on Searching Association Networks for Nurturers. Quite interesting, it discusses the /. (slash-dot) effect among others. Lastly, (p. 100) there is a review of Cost-Justifying Usability: An Update for the Internet Age by Randolph G. Bias and Deborah J. Mayhew, eds., looks good (though $$).

GTD: I don’t 100% subscribe to David Allen’s GTD system.. but one of the best ways to get something done that takes longer than 15 minutes is to make an appointment with yourself..(ok ok, Kerry Gleason, apparently said it in his book, The Personal Efficiency Program which I haven’t read) .. all is fine and good, but I am quite apt to break those appointments. *SIGH*

Pens/Pencils/Paper: I should never be let loose in a stationary shop. Let me first say, I love Moleskines, specificially the grid. Now, my favorite paper ever is a grid with light blue background and blue grid with rounded corners on the grid. Once I figure out the brand name I’m going to get some (and link it). I am a fan of Sakura‘s Micron pens, specifically in size 005. I have a gorgeous pencil from Pentel the Graphlet 0.3 mm, PG503 (though the GraphGear looks much nicer, I hurt myself on the tip too much!).. and then the other day I discovered these new pens by Uni. 0.18 MM??!! *DROOL*. I’m going to try to find some today.

Ok, I finished my coffee, time to get back to work.