monday night roundup

Ok, I’m starting off quite lazy. I have a backlog of things I want to comment on, so I’ll just do it this way for now.

Play: XTS Train System, Cindi in Space it’s about CINDI, Planarity is addictive (and makes Graph Theory relevant again).

Science/Tech: Simple Blood Test for Anxiety, Fiber to the Brain, Stanford Robot wins The Grand Challenge

Edu: Online Gallery for the British Library *drool*, A League of Extraordinary Women

Org: one bag, the art and science of packing light (hat tip Glitch), Cornell NoteTaking System PDF Generator, Journalisimo Back to Analog (not recently updated, fun archives), PocketMod make your own one-sheet PDA, Moleskinerie awesome resource on Moleskines, DIY Planner about the value of using paper for planning, productivity, creative expression, and exploring ideas.

Craft: I actually finished a baby blanket (img coming soon), Craftster a forum for people who love to make things but who are not inspired by scrapbooking with die-cut teddy bears, cross-stitched home sweet home plaques, wooden boxes with ducks in bonnets painted on… for those known to run with scissors.

WebDev: CSS Lists awesome list of CSS links (hat tip Glitch)

J-stuff: One big Buh by shanna about a pig-valve heart replacement vs an inferior synthetic valve (links to NYT) … Arg, is the “standard Orthodox view” because of this concept (here, let me spell it out for you, “he fears his neighbors more than he fears God, and so …”) elucidated by dovbear? On a happier note, two posts by Alisha made me smile, Only in Israel and Outsider. Having grown up being able to make sand castles in the middle of my road due to lack of ANYONE being around this is a very fascinating concept.

Ok, there is much more, but it’s a crazy, difficult, busy, yet short week…

As the holiest day of our calendar approaches, I leave you with a virtual kaparah (or travel to Brooklyn, there are several places where you can use a live chicken if you wish).

g’mar chatima tovah.

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