these are a few of my pet peeves

Since I’m in a cranky mood, i thought I’d list some of my pet peeves for fun… (the ones that are jumping around lately)

those annoying inserts (on heavy stock) in magazines, more the ones that are glued in than the ones that fall out; that knitting gets all the attention; monolingualism; ie-only sites; parve items on dairy equipment; people who block the market aisle with their shopping cart, ditch cart & go all the around store filling it with 30 other things and then yell at you for moving it; people who leave their laundry in the dryer for 15 minutes after the dryer was done during peak time and get annoyed when their laundry is nicely put in a bin or the table; 24 hours in a DAY

Whew. I feel a bit better. I had another one last night, but I forgot it already…
NYTimes article on dealing with life’s little annoyances”