i love luna bars … this afternoon i discovered a new flavor. chai tea YUM!!!!

i also love ener-g crisp pretzels but i’m having a hard time finding them in a store. i think i’ll have to bite the bullet and make another order. YUM!

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  1. P– what’s the hasgacha on the luna bars? I’ve looked hard and wide for a bar that’s dairy-free and nut-free (I don’t mind traces) and they seem to have some flavors that would qualify.

  2. hmm, found this

    Which would explain why I never bought them, if they’re marked dairy! Have to do some research and find out how they can say “Clif Bar Inc. specifies to our suppliers and bakers that ingredients going into our LUNA bars do not contain dairy. The food manufacturing process however, is such that we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of dairy will never turn up in our products even for products as natural and wholesome as ours.” and still wind up with the OU-D designation.

  3. yeah, good old OU-D (groan).

    well, generally that means that they’re run on dairy equipment, but i just wonder about that. (scratches head) … i’m curious what you come up with. until then, they’re my weakness…

  4. Miriam, why would you be surprised about an OU-D on something with a disclaimer like that? Trace amounts are enough.

    But Peninah is right…even if they’re only run on dairy equipment, they’d be OU-D. The OU got rid of their DE designation a long time ago — what I heard was that the relative of an OU employee who was severely allergic to dairy had a reaction from something that was DE, and they did away with the distinction. Everything that might have been DE is now D.

  5. The best allergy warning I ever read was on a box of Barton’s (parve) Passover chocolates… it warned about trace amounts of dairy (from the air? from being processed in the same plant, not actually the same equipment) and finished by stating that while this was a potential allergy problem, it had no significance in regards to kashruth.

    Anyway, Luna Bars claim that some of the ingredients they use in their bars are dairy equipment, (they said, “for example, the chocolate chips”) so that makes their equipment also count as “dairy equipment,” I guess.

    I know the OU doesn’t use the DE designation, but I find it frustrating that no one feels the need to go the next step and not have it even dairy equipment, especially if all they would need to do is find another supplier for some of the ingredients and maybe once rekasher their equipment. Okay, so that’s probably not as minor as I think it is, but that little D probably means I won’t buy them. And I can’t be the only one.

    It bugs me that the chewable Lactaid is dairy too… and yes, I know it’s for use with milk, but we would use it with Cholov Yisroel milk, which whatever its dairy ingredient is, isn’t. So we don’t bother… it’s just far easier to avoid all dairy for our family members with lactose issues instead.

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