preemie infant article

a second womb a nyt look at advances in advances in helping preemies.

Thank you alisha for the link and for being such a wonderful friend along with shanna.

After being born at 27(i’m double checking, i’m bad with pregnancy math) weeks (starting at 1lb 13.5 oz and dropping to the weight of “4 sticks of butter” aka 1lb 5oz) I have a very soft spot for preemies. (being one myself). And I spent all 98 days in NICU (until my due date).

For years I wouldn’t let anyone go near my heels (b/c of blood being taken there) and made sure when I got older that my heels were nice and rough. :) I’m also (still?) petrified of red.

My parents didn’t like the beeping of a microwave because it reminded them too much of my heart monitor.

Thursday afternoon I rode the subway home with a friend who is a Lactation Consultant. The work they do now with preemies is absolutely amazing. (I didn’t help matters by having an intollerance to milk, but that’s for another day). Something she told me, which I found startling, and was confirmed by this article, is that the number of preemie births is increasing.

I really wish that there was a womb room when I was born 26 (almost!) years ago. My parents had to schlep about 110 miles each time they saw me. During the gas crunch. :) I was blessed to have a wonderful nurse helping me — Aunt Linda. Her thumb got me out of the hospital and on my way home to be with my parents.

I have lots more to say about this topic.

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