volunteer event – Tues 13 Sept

homeless connect nyc

from their website:

Homeless Connect NYC, a one-day event modeled after San Francisco’s successful initiative (http://www.projecthomelessconnect.com/ ), will bring together a wide range of services — from housing to medical care to benefits counseling — under one roof, all with the ultimate goal of housing Times Square’s homeless. Upon arrival, each individual will receive an in-depth assessment from a social worker and the opportunity to choose from the array of services available. Services will include: assistance accessing benefits (SSI, PA, Veterans), identification and legal assistance, medical assistance, TB and HIV testing, substance abuse treatment and referral, psychiatric help, housing and shelter placement, food, and hygiene kits.

Specifically, if you know of any attorneys in need of probono hours…

It’s sponsored by Common Ground Community and Times Square District Management Association, Inc.