(recent read) jonathan strange and mr norell

ok, i finally finished jonathan strange and mr norell by susanna clarke.

i first took this out several months ago from nypl but as it was on a one-week book express i never finished it and returned it. while i was waiting for harry potter to be released i thought i’d give it another go, and i took it out from bpl with a longer lease…

well, it’s a difficult read. very thick (besides the number of pages). i found it very hard to get into, but once i did, it was enjoyable.

the website is quite fascinating and i think i’ll devote some time this evening to looking through it. i wonder what her next writing will be like.

so, i recommend this book, but only if you have lots of time. it’s good, but i don’t think you’ll get through it in 6 hours like harry potter, but you could.