nyt article – small feet, big dreams

small feet, big dreams by pari chang … it’s as if I wrote it, though I generally don’t go to such lengths. i’m mad at Century21, before they moved the shoes, it was a good place to find my size. 35 or a 33. (yes, i can wear both).

my favorite quote from the article :

The clerk sensed that I was less than thrilled. While ringing me up, she said: “Have a baby. Your feet will grow half a size.”

anyway, for the record my wedding shoes were a 2.5. the sneakers i tried on were a 2 — i didn’t buy them, i would’ve cried – i last wore a 2 in 3rd grade. i’ve always had problems finding shoes that fit. i have permanent blister scars from wearing a pair of shoes that were too big in my first cross country race (i use that to explain away the poor time as well).

unfortunately colehaans fit me really well. fortunately i seem to find them on super clearance and they last for years. a $50 pair of shoes which i’ve worn almost every day at work for the past 3 years, well, to me that’s a bargain.

marylandsquare has an impressive catalogue but i’ve never bought there. probably b/c when i need shoes it’s because i need them now and i don’t have time to mail order. hmm…

again, thank you to my wonderful husband for the heads-up on this article.