book extravaganza

We all know the way to my heart & attention is books…

I have an addiction of nypl’s book sale. I’ve found some good treasures over the past few years.

Last week I found a small pb Yiddish dictionary for 50¢. Not Weinreich’s, but Harduf’s the orange one that sells for $10.

Yesterday, I picked up three more …

1. One Generation After by Elie Wiesel. Sucessor to Beggar in Jerusalem.
2. The Economy of Cities by Jane Jacobs. I’ve been waiting and wanting to read this for years and years. I just read her first chapter/prologue. Very interesting.
3. Always Coming Home by Ursula LeGuin. I hadn’t heard of it before. I think it will come with me to Peru but its a bit larger (real estate wise in the carryon) than I’d have liked. It looks different and interesting.

Today I was in Coliseum Books looking for a gift for my cousin’s daughter who is turning 10!! (I last saw her when she was 3. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years!) I didn’t like anything they had for her age group, but I saw this book:

Thinner Than Thou by Kit Reed. On the SF shelf just sitting there. Wow. shanna recently had a post about ana/mia (and binge) sites and the NYT. Anyway, it got me thinking about this topic and eating disorders of several family/friends/co-workers. It definitely looks interesting as does the author’s work/life. A Guggenheim :) Anyway, I was looking at my book budget (which I’ve gone over ten-fold and it’s only the 10th of the month) and I decided to see if the NYPL had it. They do. I’ll post a review as soon as I finish it.

Ok, ThenI wandered through the book sale. I had $5 burning in my pocket. Two books got my spare change.

1. A Lifetime Buring in Every Moment from the Journals of Alfred Kazin. Ok, to combine two interests: journals and judaism. You have my money.

2. Virtual Light by William Gibson. Wow, I actually hadn’t read this one yet.

Oh, last Sunday, e and I stopped at Borders after a pleasant visit with my mum, and I finally picked up Your Home Library: The Complete System for Organizing, Locating, Referencing, and Maintaining Your Book Collection by Kathie Coblentz . I’ve wanted it for ages but couldn’t fully justify the cost. Why no one seperated out the book (which is all I really wanted) I’m not sure. So I’m happy to have finally gotten it and on clearance. :) It wasn’t much new-to-me material, but more I’ve wanted to see the book and it’s always been sealed in the @#($*& box!

Lastly, I know I need to update the library and other books pages. And my various book wish lists. I’ll probably (and hopefully) combine them. Soon. Not sure when.

Last but not least:

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  1. How are you finding the NYPL sales?

  2. Content: hit or miss. I’ve gotten great deals.

    – Mid-manhattan branch M-F 11-3 pm. (I go over lunch)
    – Donnell Library Center on 53rd has them. More language on the 3rd floor when the World Languages Center is open.
    – Brooklyn Public Library, Central often has but I haven’t been there in at least 6 months.

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