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defenstration … read all of it… all the way to the bottom. :)

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  1. Ha! The later definitions are really funny. Amazing how language evolves…

    My primary association with the word: A friend from college acquired a new roommate who was somewhat weirded out by him. Not for any particular reason, just because the friend is…well…a little odd. In a good way. ;-) Anyway, several of us decided to have fun with said roommate by playing on the vague half-serious fear that our friend might “do something” to him. We suggested defenestration. It was a ground-floor room, but roommate didn’t know the meaning of the word, and was not quite worried enough to actually go look it up but uncomfortable enough that it was fun to tease him about it. The joke lasted for a good portion of the first semester, I believe.

    (But you missed an e in your post)

  2. Weirded out? By him? Never!

  3. ok, i’ll fix the e tonight. remind me.

    arg!! i went to the other cu! this isn’t fair!! (but fun)

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