nyt ’s roundup…

wow i go out to dinner with an amazing group of people and transportation horrors ensue.. ;)


anyway: 1) landside & the west side hway neep! it was a disaster waiting to happen? oh gee thanks that sounds quite pleasant.

and 2) fire in nj causes havok on the trains

and 3) japan and trash a ocd categorizer’s idea of heaven. 44 types of trash?! :)

and lastly 4) reform jews in boro park quite honestly i didn’t know that they existed…

On the other hand, the children in the neighborhood have at least shown an interest in the place, Rabbi Kaplan said. “Kids are dying to know what’s going on,” she said. “Especially in the warm weather, they’re crowding around the door. It’s the only thing in the neighborhood that’s a little bit different.”

after reading some people soo concert with “schmut” and scared about what their children will see… well, i doubt parents are happy (or knowledgeable) that their kids are curious, but children are curious… expose, and explain to them. look outside your bubble a bit.