new link: Subway & Bus Directions for NYC – Subway Directions and Bus Directions for New York City (NYC)

Wow! This is REALLY cool. :)

many thanks to the new york public library for the link.

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  1. I’ll have to check that out to see if it’s that much better, but for years the straphangers campaign has had at least an end point mapping and what trains stop near it. See the maps ar or their main page at

  2. yes. straphangers pales in comparison, at least for my needs. i have not seen a product this well written, even from my metrO & palm/clie days…

    yes, it does some things weird (such as the subway it suggests i take from my current abode), but it’s better than nothing. but then again, that option would have me walking more, something my body needs anyway.

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