current reading…

i went to the NYPL both thur and fri and took out way more books than anyone can read.

in no order (yet ordered):

  1. the ayn rand reader edited by gary hull and leonard peikoff. i’ve been hearing a lot of ayn lately, sprinkled in with other readings of mine. this is sort of like the condensed version, it has excerpt from both the fountainhead and atlas shrugged. thus far i’m into page 17 of roak vs. keating in the fountainhead and i find it quite enjoyable. yes i do hope to read the full thing evenutally. i just can’t right now and hate feeling so incredibly clueless.
  2. balancing work & love by elaine denholtz. i was sorely disappointed by what i’ve read so far of this. i tend to be by this sort of book, i should know that by now and not attempt it. i may or may not finish it. we’ll see. more later.
  3. blink : the power of thinking without thinking by malcom gladwell. interesting so far, but it’s not good to read a chapter on what causes people to divorce. you end up microanalyzing yourself. i’m also not sure why it got so much hype, but c’est the power of marketing.
  4. by the sweat of your brow by david j schnall. i’ve read this volume before. i’m wondering what i’ll get out of it this time. it’s about work and judaism.
  5. jonathan strange & mr. norrellby susanna clarke. a very small tome at about 300 pages. it’s dubbed “harry potter for adults” .. it’s her first novel .. thus far it’s a bit fun to read but drags on a bit for my taste. i’m not sure i’ll finish it before i must return it. we’ll see.

and yes, i am still reading these