where am i from?

i’ve been asked this a bunch recently, or at least they assume first and ask last (which is fine, but it’s really funny when they find out they are wrong) assuming i’m from a certain place that i’m unfortunately not. i didn’t ask to be an american, but i love mommy so i won’t hold it against her.. she didn’t ask either (afaik, i know i don’t remember asking), she was just born that way…

for the record, i am not british. (but wouldn’t mind living there). yes, i write dates as “DD MMMM YYYY”… yes i write colour and grey, bar my sevens and zeds, and prefer b5 size notebooks and paper to the junk that is available here in the states.. and i say “half past” and “zed” … no i don’t say “boot” for the car’s trunk…

i generally don’t have any accent from years of music lessons, but that adds to the fun. however i can’t say the word “sandwich”.. i add an “L” in there…

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  1. I cross my 7s but not my Zs, I prefer to write dates DD Mmm YY but I’m giving in to convention here in the U.S. because it makes like easier for other people (and because I have to do it that way for work). I don’t say “zed” because I think “zee” sounds cooler.

  2. i have had to not bar 7’s for work (when i handwrite exhibit labels for example) and it’s the hardest thing!

    i have had to write dates the “other way” for work as well. so i make the programs do it for me … (autoformat the date)

    as for “zee” i went to school with a girl, miss zee… zed works better for me..

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