change is in the air…

t-15. eep.

it’s getting warmer and sunnier out.. though i do welcome rain as something different (and signifying it’s warmer)

a new theme.. thoughts? yes, i tend to copy shanna who recently moved to a 3 column format.. i just hope the colours are different (i do like blue better than the purple i had before)

work is picking up…

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6 Replies to “change is in the air…”

  1. Copycat.

    This comments box just grew very large as I started typing in it. Fix that.

    I’m not a fan of the grey boxes, personally.

  2. not your blog. :P what do you mean it grew very large? i use firefox and don’t even open up ie… for me it defaults to the size of the window/column (depending if the css actually loads). i’ll do more testing later…

    and grey is my favorite colour. :)

  3. Yeah, I have to use IE at work. When I start typing in the comments box, the width changes from being contained in the center column to APPEARING to end at the right-side edge of the window but REALLY continuing for about twelve charaters farther than that.

  4. Umm, I’m not seeing columns or colors or anything. Just black text on white (with purple and blue text for some links), posts first, followed by journal definition; internal links, etc; search blog; archive calendar thing, but it’s all one under the other as you scroll down.

    Thoughts? I’m using Mozilla something or other, and wordpress shows up fine on my computer for our internal blog.

  5. okay, that’s spooky… it so happens grey is my preferred spelling for that color too, but aren’t we all Americans here? Aren’t we supposed to be using an a in that word? Must be why I like you both so much ;-)

  6. ok.. i’ll post about grey and colour shortly.. and if it doesn’t show up in firefox/mozilla try shift+refresh … i dunno.. it happens to e & i too and i’m not sure if it’s the browser or the server… ARG!

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