what a way to start the day…

ok, i actually went to bed “early” last night (11:30) … so i was feeling pretty good about my day. waited for e and the subway, and i got on and there’s a guy -right at- the door, i think that’s weird but whatever… e gets up drags me by the elbow and takes me to the complete other end of the car. why? he’s taking a leak .. ick. yuck. ug. ok i *know* that’s not spilled coffee. i don’t want to think about it anymore, but i do want to shower and i am very much thinking of taking the express bus home. but then again i’m thinking of timing how long it takes to get from midtown to the wedding hall. hmm…
sorry for the imagery. at least you weren’t there.

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  1. Two words, dear: New York.

  2. actually, only in new york :) and that’s fine. that’s why i like it here.

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