i broke comments

i’m swamped right now.. i’ll fix it soon… i hope. everything looks right in the DB and the settings. it must be my templates…

i’m using the “classic” theme.

email me if you have the answer: pocketchange ((a t)) intracommunicate ((d o t)) com

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  1. […] i agree with shanna’s comment … I think I’m offended. I also can’t comprehend *why* they first published a large hard-cover version… I would have bought it (and read through the “wonderful” artscroll commentaries) if it had been a pocket-sized one… but $20? for a large-sized siddur i can’t easily keep in my bag? naah. sorry guys… several men were looking through it while i was perusing it as well. i think i was the only one with such a bemused expression… i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. […]

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