update in progress

update 12:03 am Sun 06 Mar 05

haa haa.. yeah right. i will use blogger for the time being. i like MT but need to install over half of the perl modules and E is tired right now and not wanting to fix my cgi-bin. i don’t want to break his stuff, but it’s ok if he breaks mine…

why don’t i just get my own server?? would be easier.

also i overwrote the template so i’ve tried to hack it back together. colours are funky, DEAL.

and i finally calibrated the pbook battery.. hopefully my delay in doing so doesn’t give me (ba”h) the normal luck I have with laptop batteries.

ok. even though I slept all through shabbos, it’s time for bed again.

lila tov.

i may loose comments… we’ll see.. (or i might abort and go back to blogger until i test enough… HA HA)