loose change…

1) If I bring home work, I will have no problem falling asleep at a “decent” hour. If I don’t bring home work, I will be awake until at least 3. It doesn’t matter than I can work remotely. I need to bring home dead trees for this to work.

2) I’m cold. I’m sick of winter.

3) I need 48 hour days. My laptop is no where near to how I want it set up. This site along with several others needs some TLC..

4) Will I actually wake up on Sunday to attend Midreshet Yom Rishon‘s program? That’s a long early (cold?) schlep from Brooklyn.

5) Yeah, blogger is still icky. I’ll try to install MT motzei shabbos.. E has the most bizarre setup (imho) so we’ll see if I can actually get it done. If I wasn’t so cheap I’d probably use their hosting service.

6) I realized I am a news junkie, just not a TV news junkie. Every morning two very nice men give me an am New York and a metro. Weekly I receive Economist, New Yorker,the Jewish Press and try to buy other papers (Ecclectic mix: Hamodia, Forward (or Forverts), the Jewish Week, or any other publication that catches my eye).

7) I’ve been mum on many topics lately (wedding plans, siyum hashas, crochetting, work, life, the universe, everything) and babbling about other stuff lots.. I’ll try to post something stimulating motzei shabbos, but don’t hold your breath.

Gut shabbos…