joys of a hot lunch…

i made “slop” for dinner last night (2 c spelt couscous-like pasta + 4 c vege broth + 1 can chick peas + 1 can other beans + 1 can diced tomatoes, spices: boil and reduce broth slightly) and there was plenty leftover. this morning i actually found a clean container of the right type (i tend to only have fleshic tupperware available when i need something put into milchic) and proceeded to bring it to work.

good thing too.. the heat isn’t working in my office suite today, so i’m wearing a wool sweater over a turtleneck and was wrapped in a blanket for most of the morning..

anyway, i just want to thank shanna for reminding me to stop being an idiot, go buy some saran wrap, and have a HOT lunch. oh and i needed plastic utensils too. :) (generally i don’t use the firm microwave bc i’m silly, but she gave me a good kick!)

it still tastes good and it’s warm which is wonderful.

i’m amazed i found time to eat. yesterday’s lunch is still sitting in the fridge!