(recent read) i am the most intresting book of all

I Am the Most Interesting Book of All: The Diary of Marie Bashkirtseff (Vol 1)
by Marie Bashkirtseff, Phyllis Howard Kernberger, Katherine Kernberger

464 pages, Chronicle Books LLC; (May 1, 1997)
ASIN: 0811802248

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Marie’s journal entries begin in 1873 and Marie’s growth throughout the years is very fascinating. More later.

What is interesting is that her mother originally censored her entries …

I’m sad that only volume one is currently available. I’d love to read the second half!

finished this afternoon. Will add quotes soon.

Following are a few quotes I enjoyed…

Tuesday, May 11, 1875. From the day of my marriage my freedom will begin, while it should be the other way around.

Thursday, June 17, 1875. … How silly we are in this world! To appear in a corset is considered improper, but we show much more in a low-cut ball gown. To touch the hand once more is not permitted, but in dancing we embrace as much as possible. I don’t know the others were doing, but I lean very much on my partner when I am dancing — without insisting, however, but enough to brush his face with my hair if he is tall and with my cheek if he is like Audiffret. I recalled the evening last summer in Ostend, when I excused the Pole, permitting him to talk to me. When waltzing with him many times I touched his face with my hair. I didn’t want to with my cheek….

Friday, September 10, 1875 … It’s my habit to speak badly about people and things that I love …

Thursday, January 13, 1876. Mama and Dina are at church. It’s our New Year’s Day, and I have stayed home to sew. That is my whim at present, and I must do what I wish…

Wednesday, April 19, 1876 … No matter what may happen, I bequeath my Journal to the public ….

Saturday, May 16, 1876 … I’ve made a mistake — this journal cannot serve as instruction to anywone, because there is not another creater as weak and as tormeted as I. Now I feel better. Tomorrow is the races.