(recent read) the speed of dark

The speed of dark : a novel by elizabeth moon
352 pages, Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345447557

[note: created without the book in front of me, the following review is in draft format]

This complex novel follows Lou Arrendale through his navigating of the nuances of society and corporate America in the early twenty-first century. He gets up in the morning, drives to work, interacts with his co-works, has a hobby, a love interest, and is normal. There is a slight catch however, Lou Arrendale (and his coworkers) are autistic. At this point in society autism has been “wiped out” with genetics and medicines etc. Lou and his coworkers are pretty much the last cohort to exist with autism. Their work is highly prized by their firm however a new manager threatens their very existence.

Watching Lou develop and antagonize through the decision he must make was very fascinating.

I was disappointed with the ending of the book. It seemed that once Lou made his decision the novel fell off and ended. Given what happened I guess it was the best way to deal with it, but I really didn’t think it was as well developed as it could have been.