american football…

ok, a quick round up as it’s late and i should be fast asleep in bed.

where were all the commercials? i sat with anticipation at the edge of my seat, beer in one hand .. tortilla chip in the other, waiting. and waiting. and waiting. half time came and went and there weren’t any impressive commercials. nothing like 1984 or anything of the sort. ok, there were a few moralistic ads … talk to your kids about smoking/drugs/etc, the pepsi-itunes announcement with the kids who were prosecuted for illegal music downloading … budweiser of course had a few (imovie counts it at 6, the donkey and monkey weren’t so bad, but nothing that impressed me), but the incessant ads for the tv line up and movies. bleah.

the game wasn’t that impressive either. perhaps it was because it was in february for the first time ever ? (note: the next two will be also)

besides that, e’s new game is driving a toy car on the coffee table and seeing how long he can keep it there and then if it acts like a cat and lands on it’s feet so he can keep going. well, at least it’s keeping him amused. ;) (i’m writing to this blog, so that tell how enthralled i am)

anyway, this has been a disappointment for a february superbowl. first, gene upshaw was ignored by the players after he tossed the coin (which apparently he had to -practice- (see texas-style coin toss (at for details). second, the commercials have sucked greatly. third, the camera work isn’t quite up to par. four, did i really want to see that bloody nose in the first few minutes of the game? five (wow i’m really ranting) it just hasn’t been very exciting. i’ve watched a good deal of pro ball in my days and i just don’t find it as exciting as i did when i was younger. maybe it’s because i don’t watch as frequently as i did when i was younger … i’m not sure. oh well.

perhaps this was the best commercial of the lot … “tomorrow” will be another day and it’ll be 370 (i should check my math) until the next one and right now, all the teams are undefeated.

good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.