dinner dilemma

Most Thursday mornings our breakfast conversation revolves around the question of meal planning.

Some weeks are easier to plan than others. Winter weeks are the most difficult because the weather impacts mood and everything begins to taste the same. Tonight I posted an instagram of dinner for today’s year of making post and on Facebook a few friends were inspired by the polenta.

So tonight I offer up some of the meals I’ve made recently in the hopes that they’ll inspire you so you don’t have a dinner dilemma.


Clockwise from upper right. All meals are vegetarian and gluten-free, if vegan it is noted. I tend to add egg to stir-fry.

vegetarian cottage pie
Made with soy TVP, mushroom gravy, frozen peas, and creamy mashed potato.
shirataki tofu lo mein.
Vegan if made without egg. Drained and press tofu sautéed with ginger and garlic, frozen corn and peas. Add sauce and allow to thicken. Then add noodles and serve. I suggest one package of noodles per person.
soft polenta with squash, beans and sage.
vegan if you don’t add parmesan at serving. From The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen by Peter Berley
pasta with olive oil and lemon.
vegetable curry.
vegan. From Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker: 200 Ultra-Convenient, Super-Tasty, Completely Animal-Free One-Dish Dinners by Robin Robertson
tofu stir-fry.
vegan (if made without egg)

Now don’t get me started on lunches …