my sock drawer, annotated

A post on the lowly sock drawer? We can thank Lorna’s Laces and Susan B Anderson for this post. I caught their posts on this subject in my digital stream and decided, game on! Mine needed a spring stretch, so after organization, I photographed the tidy drawer. All of my socks live in this drawer, I just don’t always fold them so nicely. It often looks like my desk.

Whoops! I didn’t intend for this post to become so detailed… but it has. Enjoy!


Clockwise from upper right. Socks are listed by their pattern name and the designer if applicable, what I tend to call them in my head if they’re no real pattern. Links are either to my Ravelry project page (all should be public) or to posts within this site..

2 pairs of machine knit cotton socks. I wear these when I run.

The next row contains the socks I don’t wear that frequently, either because they’re for a specific thing, or are cotton, or are the very first pair of socks I knitted (I should just frame them), or for one reason or another, just don’t make it into the frequent rotation.

Bottom row. These are in the frequent rotation:

The Bin of Anklets: 2007-05 | 2007-07 | 2009-05 | 2011-06 | 2011-08

knee-highs and felted gifts: instant autumn socks | felted | felted (gift from Will) … Felted gifts? With a tiny foot, once a sock for a normal size foot felts, sometimes I can wear them. I find them awesome for the winter when I run around the house and leave my slippers elsewhere.

Not Pictured: Earl Grey by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee

I’m wearing the pair that Heather knit for me.

Curious what to look for in a sock yarn? You MUST read Clara Parkes’ The Sock Knitter’s Book. I look for well-twisted-multi-ply-wool-blend. Sure, I have some acrylic and some cotton, but it’s the yarns with these characteristics that are tough and I wear frequently. I can’t wait to finish knitting down my sock yarn stash so I can begin to knit all my socks in the colours and yarns I like best. The pretty yarns are reserved for where they can be cherished and not worn so hard.. shawls and cowls are my favourite use of these precious sock yarns.

I machine wash most of the socks (not the Pomatomus pair) and then air dry either just pinning to my drying rack or if they’ve shown too much felting (from my feet, not from my washing machine) I put them on blockers.

And yes, Shadow did try to help.
let me help!

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