moving up

In an effort to get the shop up sooner than later and to maybe weave a little more, we recently moved a few things around.

The light box, which is not Shadow’s bed despite his constant attempts to claim it as such, now lives on my desk.

The loom now has its own custom table and lives upstairs in the spare room I often forget about. I’m very much a see-it to remember-it person! I’m much happier with the loom up there. We lowered the height of the table, E kept saying, are you sure? But I definitely now find use of the loom easier and more enjoyable. When it was on my desk I often found myself standing while weaving. While standing desks are cool, I didn’t want to have to stand to weave!

I’m enjoying it so much that I wove for a half hour last night with the not-kitten purring on my lap.

If I post this now I might be able to catch the last few moments of afternoon sun and enjoy this beautiful view.

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