gardening update

Five tomato plants and there is proof of potential fruit. I’m not getting my hopes up, remembering last year’s disappointment, but I’m trying to stay positive.

One pea plant that put forth several blossoms, however a brief tiny hailstorm last Thursday left me anxious until I checked on them. I have two tiny pods.


We also have the best lawn ornament ever. E spotted her at homegoods and she was immediately placed in the cart and given a happy new home in the front.

How does your garden grow?

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  1. Love your new penguin! My garden is doing nicely though the storms of the other day battered them. Have the second small batch of mint drying for tea.

  2. Good to see your garden! Ours is finally taking off. (We’ve really just begun the bulk of our growing season.) We are just getting our first artichokes. We’ll also have a large crop of raspberries and garlic. We’re also picking a lot of rhubarb. Growing, but far from picking are squash (zuch, crookneck, cucumber, winter) tomatoes, broccoli, romanesco, kholrabi, radishes, beans, favas, and peas. Whew! It’s good to see all that in a list. Didn’t fully realize everything that was in the garden. :) Keep sharing those garden pics.

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