A while back, Beverly wrote a post about being well read. I found the spreadsheet and discovered I’m not well read according to that list. I believe that there are some that should be included that aren’t. In my defense, I have a difficult time with any Man Booker prize winner (I have a hate-love relationship with The Life of Pi probably because I’m still bummed that it’s not a maths book like I thought!). It took me a while but I finally decided to sign up for the challenge.

Here’s my list, not really in any order. I think it will be a challenge as I didn’t exactly choose short reads:

  1. Middlesex
  2. Gravity

6 thoughts on “percent++

  1. LC

    I really enjoyed this one more. Perhaps it is because Godmother Elena had a small appearance and while parts of the story felt disjointed I enjoyed it much more than Fortune’s Fool.

    And perhaps it is because you had different expectations as well? :)

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