writing it down

This new class schedule (t/r 6:15-9:25p, arriving home after 10:45p) will take some getting used to, so once again today’s post won’t be what I wanted it to be.

In writing things down by hand as I used to, I find I recall them more and am taking joy at recording them and ensuring that when detail is necessary it is there and accurate. I’ll write more on this soon. I promise, bli neder [w/o a vow].

I am torn, however, by some of the social sharing and allow-me-to-be-mobile advantages (since my schedule is so wonky and I’m pretty shy) that things such as this site or (for example) delicious or good reads bring.

In any case, I know that I have social web overload. There are advantages that many of these technologies bring, but I need to reëvaluate how or if they fit into my life.

I have a feeling I’ll be reducing the posting frequency here to focus on more polished posts. On what, I’m not yet sure. Until I figure it out, I’ll probably continue as is because a penny in motion stays in motion a penny at rest sleeps for many many hours.

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