content and quiet

Shadow and Buddy love having the house to themselves again, without inquisitive and energetic kittens interrupting their naps and meditations.

After months of extra kittens in the house, even a week on, it is very quiet. Cleaning only one litter box still feels weird. We began working on the odds and ends that need attention in the kitten room, there is a coat of paint in my future.

I have amazing news! I received word Sunday afternoon from New Rochelle Humane Society that Grace and Sparky Tyson were adopted together! We are very happy for them and wish them the best.

There are still many cats and kittens waiting for their forever home, please consider adopting or donating if you can. Thank you!

a quiet house

Yesterday Grace and Sparky Tyson returned to New Rochelle Humane Society to await their forever homes. The house is really quiet and the four of us miss them and hope they find their humans quickly. Drop off days are really hard, I wish I could keep everyone safely and humanely.

It’s wonderful to see how much these two grew over the month they were with us. If you could make a donation in support of all foster kittens it would be greatly appreciated!

We plan to take a few days off from fostering (since May 22nd we’ve always had at least one extra cat in the house) to focus on deep cleaning the kitten room and snuggling Shadow and Buddy. While extra kittens help me focus, my two boys love snuggle time too.

kitchen sink pasta success

Pasta night in our house is generally a simple affair of whatever pasta spent some time in boiling & salted water with either store-bought sauce or olive oil and parmesan cheese on top. Sometimes we add some one or two extra ingredients such as tomatoes or lemon zest, but it’s still kept pretty low key. Continue Reading »

happy adoptiversary Buddy!

A year ago this weekend Shadow made his big decision. I’m not really for marking anniversaries or birthdays anymore, I’m thankful for each day of health, happiness, family, friends, and love. Today’s post is more because we realized that Buddy had a growth spurt and is now a big cat! I’ve been unable to actually get a photo of him and Shadow next to each other for a comparison, but I think Buddy is actually larger! He and Shadow aren’t snuggling much right now, but I think that’s due to the summer heat. I’m so thankful we could share this year with you Buddy. Here’s to many happy and healthy more!

New Rochelle Humane Society is open all weekend and I know many cats (including I believe Cookie) would love to find their forever home this holiday weekend. You could also donate in honor of Shadow and Buddy, two NRHS alumni and the foster kittens they’ve put up with this summer.

not spoiled at all

We have two very content foster kittens. This week they’ve had the run of the as much of the house as they can explore during the day. They haven’t yet figured out the cat doors, but they’re having lots of fun throughout the main floor and basement. They occasionally come find me, climb up my legs, and give me a kiss of thanks. They love to nap together on the couch. Buddy’s been doing pretty well as a kitten sitter (we think he’s part sheep dog) and Shadow has begun to tolerate them.