cat beds

In our house, I generally know where not to find a cat. For some reason Shadow and Buddy haven’t spent much time in their cat beds, I guess it’s because our bed is much more spacious and comfortable and has extra blankets to cuddle beneath. That is, until this week.

Yes, sometimes they’ll sit in it for a few minutes which I quickly document with a photo, but cat beds are not for serious napping. Buddy likes to move them around the house when he redecorates. On Monday I moved one into the library from the hallway where I was tired of stepping on it and within moments Shadow was napping in it and stayed there for almost an hour! That afternoon, Buddy took his turn.

They’ve been napping in it all week for at least a half hour at a go. I don’t know if it’s the weather, the change in season, or being worn out by Sally, Ada, and Jemi. These foster girls like the cat beds and enjoy the one in my office and have claimed the situpon by the washer.

Good luck Zack!

Yesterday we returned our foster kitten Zack to New Rochelle Humane Society to await his forever family. We worked with him for just two weeks to help him overcome shyness. He’s now a more confident cat and we wish him the best. I think the best moment was when Buddy gave him a hug before we went downstairs to the cat carrier.

Cookie is still waiting for her forever home, I hope she finds love soon.