snuggles and strength

This morning the batteries in our alarm clock died. Shadow and Buddy snuggled in and we woke up an hour late. Ooops. Every day Greta gains strength and limps less. Hans is still happiest cuddled as close to me as he can. Shadow is happy he blends in with my desk and keeps trying for extra snuggles. Buddy can’t decide if he likes the new location of my desk chair or not. He’s been staying close to me while he decides.

Hope everyone stays safe and enjoys extra snuggles during the continued storms and rain.

a new space

For the past year, I’ve rarely spent a full day in my basement office. I found I’d unplug my laptop and work all around the house instead. The laptop is no longer my primary machine and I also recently made several other changes to how I work. So last week we decided to take these Continue Reading »

happy hungry cast-free Greta!

Greta arrived home a few minutes ago without her cast! Yay! Now that she’s eaten, she’s grooming all those spots she couldn’t reach for the past few weeks. More photos when she’s ready.

Hans spent the day alternating between napping, rampaging with Buddy, and snuggling me in the wrap. As I was taking the pic of her grooming, he decided he needed to be closer to me and climbed up on my back to direct the photography.

Interested in adopting these two adorable kittens? Fill out an application at New Rochelle Humane Society. I’m going to keep them a few more days to make sure they are both absolutely and completely healed and then they will be at NRHS awaiting their forever home.

Intrigued by the wrap? More on them very soon. :)

i made yarn

Spinzilla, a friendly event to see how much (in terms of finished length) teams and individuals can spin in one week, is fast approaching. I’ve been practicing for Team Happy Fuzzy Yarn by building off the fun (and success) of the spinning swatch project and spinning up a special-to-me yarn. I spun this one slowly, Continue Reading »


I did not do very well with the garden this year. Work and poison ivy kept me inside. This is the last of the tomatoes and our first ever crop of sweet potatoes. Yes I could have left them in for a while longer, but we were impatient and curious. Here’s to the next growing Continue Reading »

l’shanah tovah!

May you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!
Love & purrs from Shadow & Buddy and Greta & Hans (our current foster kittens)

ps at the moment each time you refresh the page, images will be in a different order. I couldn’t decide so I put it on random.