trying to welcome Spring

On Friday, Ben Weatherstaff’s Friend was determined to be outside to welcome everyone to springtime. Yesterday I was surprised and delighted to find this proof of spring growth outside. There’s now a chance of snow in our forecast for this weekend however I refuse to let it get me down.


While they will watch the standard CatTV channel for hours, on Monday, Shadow and Buddy were entranced by the dried leaves outside my office window. The wind gusts (over 54mph) helped create quite the show!


They don’t often share the windowsill anymore, so it was nice to see them together!

current state of the Planner

On Instagram the other day, a follower commented on one of my morning coffee & planner posts that they wished they were as organized as I am. A picture doesn’t tell the full story; I rarely feel as organized as I look. Right now I’m in a transitional phase revising, refining, and refocusing some of Continue Reading »