it followed me home

So… a Cricket rigid heddle loom followed me home from TNNA. I was amazed it took me until Monday to purchase one, we were across from the Spinning & Weaving Group and I could see hints of Schacht Spindle Co in the aisle beyond. This loom was really easy and quick to put together, I Continue Reading »

foster season!

Kitten season started a bit late this year. I picked up my first foster kittens from New Rochelle Humane Society on Monday. These two little girls need socialization skills and are slowly learning how nice peoples can be. They are quick learners, by Tuesday afternoon, one of them fell asleep on me!


Shadow and Buddy don’t mind the tiny house guests. The sun room is kitten free, quiet, warm, and makes for wonderful naps.


future food

How does my garden grow? It’s ok, but there’s not very much this year. Despite considerable effort, we’re still battling leaves of three so I’m avoiding the garden and most of the tools. We did manage to plant a few tomato plants and some herbs. The weather has been weird, so who knows what the Continue Reading »

keeping close

Once they forgave me for going away and being away an extra 12 hours due to a cancelled flight, Shadow and Buddy have barely let me out of paw’s reach.