snuggles and windowsills

Shadow and Buddy were ALL about snuggles this chilly week. We overslept one morning and instead of demanding breakfast they cuddled in closer. After getting ready for our day, we were surprised to find them already back in bed!

The new foster kitten is still struggles to understand that people can be good and love him. He’s confined to my office and receiving lots of extra special attention this week. He has good moments (he finally purred on Wednesday and explored my desk) and not-so-great moments (he loves to hide under my foot stool).

kitten challenge

On Wednesday we picked up a new foster kitten. He’s really shy and needs lots of socialization. He likes to see us but at the moment would much rather play by himself. We’ve been spending quite a bit of extra time with him and hopefully he’ll be ready for adoption really soon.

flavours of autumn

I love the foods of autumn, with fresh apples and cider, squashes, and the desire to turn on the oven! I really miss having easy weekly access to the best green market and I’m doing what I can to still eat affordable and locally grown foods. It’s a challenge that I’m working on. This morning Continue Reading »


Everyone enjoyed their naps this week, I’m looking forward to mine this weekend!